Statements of Purpose


You Talk. I Listen. I Serve

I do not come to be Served as the Next Governor of Abia State of Nigeria. I, Ngozika Gladys JOHNSON-OGBUNEKE, come to be the Number 1 Civil Servant in Abia State, to rebrand Abia State and redirect its trajectory of governance so that Abians can enjoy and participate in government.

As a Medical doctor, the health and the rights of access to healthcare by NDI Abia State will be paramount to me and my administration. I believe that Health is Wealth, AHUIKE BU UBA.
Also as a Human Rights Lawyer, and the next Governor of Abia State, I will thus not only
provide but also defend the rights of every citizen of Abia State of Nigeria.
It is my sincere hope to serve in Abia State and promote further, much progressive, resourceful
and profitable growth in all sectors of governance and the government to make Abia State the NEXT London in the First 24months of my administration.


I come therefore with the background of these life exposures not to be served but to serve Abians - to clean out the Government House, sweep the Streets, rebuild the School structures, grow more food in our farms, create more jobs for our Youths, provide great Healthcare services to our Men, Women and I come to clean Aba City and rebuild Ariria Market, as well as 8 other big Markets in Abia State. I come to return Aba as the Centre of Commerce and the Economic Hub of South-East once again.
I come, Ngozi NDI Abia2023 to restore Hope again to the People.